Umaras UAB launches production of recyclable Mildflex® barrier film bags, developed by in-house technologists

The manufacturing of polyethylene packaging products has constantly been evolving, with most manufacturers striving to bring to the market as many new environmentally friendly products as they can, which is not always easy to do.

However, our technologists here at Umaras UAB have found a way to make barrier film bags used in food packaging recyclable. ‘The year-long process bore fruit and this June, we received a certificate from the Plastics Technology Centre AIMPLAS, which states that our Mildflex® barrier film bags meet the RecyClass (C) recyclability requirements for polyethylene products. This is a major achievement because our product is the market’s first recyclable barrier film bag. We are very pleased to have achieved our goal, which is another milestone for both our company and the entire polyethylene packaging industry.

‘We had embarked on this project for several reasons. Our demanding and forward-thinking clients are one of the key driving forces pushing us towards constant improvement. Another impetus comes from our own sense of responsibility for the way our actions impact the environment, our responsibility for the future and the need to protect nature, all of which we take very seriously. We want to lead the market not only in terms of the products we offer; we also want to lead by example, showing that a business that does not take responsibility has no future.

‘Numerous Umaras employees have contributed to the project, from technologists and senior leadership to our administrative staff, all of whom also had something to bring to the table, sharing their knowledge, experience and a clear grasp of our clients’ needs. This successfully implemented project is but another step forward, another goal we have attained, but there are still many of them ahead of us. Our goals are not small, and we get there by working diligently,’ says Milda Samsonaitė, General Manager at Umaras UAB.