Vapour isolation film for construction Garolux Vapour Barrier®
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Vapour isolation film for construction Garolux Vapour Barrier®

Galolux vapour barrier® film is used in buildings, ceilings, walls, exterior walls and exterior roofs. It can also be used as a vapour barrier in flat compact roofs.

Width (mm): From 1500 up to 8000 ;

Thickness (μ): From 150 up to 200;

Color: Blue or any by customer request;


Galolux vapour barrier® film provides improved energy savings, a better indoor microclimate, effective protection against vapour and moisture, and complies with building regulations (norm-approved vapour barrier, certified by the SINTEF Building Research Institute).

You can choose from a wide range of film widths, lengths and thicknesses to best match the vapour barrier you require. The film is rolled into rolls for ease of use.


The film’s distinctive features:

– High resistance to tearing, stretching, puncture and easy cold folding;

– The first eco-declared vapour barrier on the market;

– Excellent waterproofing and water vapour resistance;

– Light transparent blue colour for practical use;

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