Project NO. 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837-03-0043

Project 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837-03-0043 “Implementation of Technological Eco-Innovations in the Production Activities of UAB Umaras in Order to Reduce the Negative Impact on the Environment” is being implemented in accordance with the Measure No. 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837 “Eco-Innovations LT+” of Priority 3 “Promotion of the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise” of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Programme for 2014–2020.

The aim of the project is to implement technological eco-innovations in the production activities of UAB Umaras, in order to reduce the negative impact of the company’s economic activities on the environment.

Funding in the amount of EUR 269,913.56 from the European Regional Development Fund has been allocated for the implementation of the project.

The main activities of the company are the production of multi-purpose films (multilayer barrier films, laminated films, bulky elastic cover films and roll silo films), bags, raw materials (granules, accessories) and other goods.

It is planned that the following environmental effect will be achieved after implementing technological eco-innovations during the project implementation:

  • Significant reduction in VOC emissions. Emissions are projected to be reduced by 90%.
  • Significant reduction of gas used to the heat the premises and equipment.
  • Regeneration of the heat generated during VOC combustion. With the installation of VOC combustion equipment, the heat generated during the VOC combustion process will be re-used in the production process, i.e. for heating of the equipment and premises.
  • Exhaust gas cleaning will not only reduce and control the amount of emissions, but will also reduce odours.

Commencement of the project activities: 12 July 2018

End of the project activities: 13 November 2020

Contact person:

Gediminas Ambraška, Director of Finance and Economics

UAB „UMARAS“, Pramonės 19a, LT – 28216, Utena

Mob. No.: +370 616 95421

Fax.: +370 389 66001