On 31 March, UAB Umaras welcomed the guests from the Utena branch of the Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (PCCIC), where the PCCICBoard held an off-site meeting. After the meeting, the Council members were briefed  on the activities of Umaras UAB.

During the meeting, Jurgis Dumbrava, Director of the Utena Branch of the Panevėžys PCCIC, presented a report on the work carried out in 2021 and the branch’s budget for 2022. The Board approved the activity report for 2021 and the budget for 2022.

The Board members of the Utena Branch of the Panevėžys PCCIC Association discussed the draft plan for the development of the network of vocational training institutions for 2022 drawn up by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. As has recently been shown, it is planned to merge two vocational training centres in order to use the funds allocated to vocational training more effectively and to improve the quality of specialist training Utena Vocational Training Centre and Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre. Therefore, at the Board meeting on 24 March, the situation regarding the optimisation of the activities of training centres was discussed and proposals for the implementation of their (these institutions’) plan were discussed and presented. This would enable the pooling of value-adding competences and enhancing the quality of vocational enhancing. Proposals for the implementation of the plan for vocational training institutions were presented at the meeting.

After the meeting, Milda Samsonaitė, Director General of Umaras UAB, introduced the guests to the company’s products, told about Umaras’ activities, investments and plans for the future.