New extruder launched at Umaras: A functional monument honouring the memory of Vytautas Samsonas

Vytautas Samsonas, the company’s founding owner, was known for his steadfast determination since the company’s inception. Guided by his vision, Vytautas relentlessly pursued his goals, sparing no effort and not heeding the time spent. Selling only polyethylene raw materials in the early years of the company, Vytautas had a plan to also start manufacturing polyethylene film. Purchasing an extruder was not an option back then due to the substantial investment it required. But this did not stop him. An extruder appeared in Umaras anyway: Vytautas decided to build one in his factory, with the help of his team of technicians.  The home-built extruder proved to be an excellent piece of engineering, serving the company’s needs to this day. This experience has taught us to think outside the box and not to constrain ourselves with standard solutions.

The company is currently being run by Vytautas’s daughter, Milda Samsonaitė. She is carrying on her father’s legacy and demonstrates the same approach to doing business, the company’s long-serving employees say. Umaras continues to grow and expand its product portfolio, as well as enlarging its storage and production facilities. One precondition for an increased production capacity, of course, is new manufacturing equipment. With the successful past experience in mind, Milda showed no hesitation to follow her father’s example and decided to build another extruder in Umaras with her in-house team of professional staff. Their work is now finished and the extruder has successfully started manufacturing polyethylene film.

Milda dedicated this piece of machinery to her father to commemorate his unforgettable work and the inspiration he has been to her and everyone in the company.


Death means nothing in the light of memories and hope. This light will stay with us and will reflect in the projects that have been carried out.