Exhaust air is cleaned from up to by 99.9% of volatile organic particles

The company has implemented a project partly financed by the EU under the “Eco-Innovation LT +”measure, amounting to about EUR 1 million in value. During the project, an incinerator was installed for the combustion of volatile organic materials. With this project, all of our exhaust air is cleaned of up to 99.9% of any volatile particles.

The company implemented the project along with other improvements to its production practices. For example, the company uses a lot of cold water in its production process, which is necessary to cool the equipment. At the same time, burning volatile organic compounds leaves a lot of waste heat. This will be cooled by a special convection cooler. By extracting cold from the heat, we will save on our electricity consumption. The main objective of the joint project is not only to safely burn volatile substances, but also to save electricity and reduce the effects of global warming.